Synodal Council encourages help for refugees

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The Czech Republic has announced that it will not accept any refugees from a group of 450 people caught in a fishing boat near the Italian shores.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and Foreign Minister Jan Hamáček have said that the Czech Republic will not meet the urgent demands of Italy and will not help any of the migrants.

We want to express our concern about this attitude of the Czech government. We see it as showing a lack of solidarity both towards people in immediate danger and to our partners within the European community. By its rejection, the Czech Republic is betraying the principles of the civilized world, principles on which it relies, and which, among other things, are based on the tradition and values of the Christian faith.

Already last summer, the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy asked us for our cooperation in a situation in which their country was being expected to cope with a large number of migrants coming across the sea, which is a difficult burden without the support of other European countries.

We are sure that our state is able, in cooperation with other European partners and institutions, to take appropriate action against economic migration and organized human trafficking.

At the same time, we trust both state and non-governmental organizations, and we feel that our society has enough self-confidence, moral strength and effective mechanisms to support those really in need.

We need to take on ourselves full responsibility for mutual solidarity. In the Gospel, Jesus’ words about helping a fellow in need are clear. Faced with immediate threats to real people, we must not remain disdainful and indifferent.


The Synodal Council of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren

30. 7. 2018, 10:49