Letter from the Synodal Council of the ECCB to all congregations

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Sisters and brothers in Christ, dear friends, at this time of Harvest Thanksgiving we remember how much God gives us...

Sisters and brothers in Christ, dear friends,

At this time of Harvest Thanksgiving we remember how much God gives us. And at the same time, because of the anxiety induced by covid-19, we are losing a lot of what we were used to.

Trusting in God’s care for our creation, we think of those who are struggling with disease these days, and of you, whose loved ones have died. We think of the congregations of our church as they cope with these conditions and with emergency situations.

We encourage all of you who form a church community, pastors, curators, and elders, along with all of you who love your church and the whole church of Christ. May the Holy Spirit strengthen you in your search for how to continue to spread the gospel, how to keep in touch with each member of the church, how to alleviate the loneliness of those who are having a hard time.

Let us support the efforts of those who, in times of restrictions and prohibitions, encourage themselves and others, and bring hope in spite of the spreading disease.

Let us encourage each other with a hopeful word that the abandonment of existing customs does not bring to an end the miracle of life, that the changes to the previously usual way of life will not slow down the coming of the kingdom of God, that that coming doesn’t even stop.

Let us seek love, hope, and faith in a difficult situation; for ourselves, our loved ones, and for people beyond the boundaries of our families and churches.

And above all, let us pray for:

the sick

the dying

those who have experienced the death of a loved one

workers in health care, Diakonia, Caritas, and social services

those who care for the sick at home

church workers who spread the hope of the gospel in places where hope is lacking

those who encourage themselves and others in spite of the spreading disease

pupils, students, their parents, teachers

your family, your loved ones and friends, and for yourself

those who suffer in refugee camps

those who suffer or who are imprisoned in countries where fear and violence reign.

All this is in the hope that Christ overcomes death. And therefore – whether we live or die – not even a bad disease can break his relationship with us.

Daniel Ženatý, Moderator
Vladimír Zikmund, Lay Moderator
Pavel Pokorný, First Deputy Moderator
Jiří Schneider, First Deputy Lay Moderator
Ondřej Titěra, Second Deputy Moderator
Eva Zadražilová, Second Deputy Lay Moderator

22. 10. 2020, 2:37