Death of the former Bishop of Baden, Ulrich Fischer

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Ulrich Fischer, Bishop of the Evangelical Church in Baden from 1998 to 2014, died on October 21, 2020, at the age of 71 after a serious illness.

He was a man who lived his faith dynamically and joyfully, as a senior minister in Mannheim, as a bishop, and as a pensioner on the horse farm of one of his three daughters. He was very ecumenically open and supported the partnership between the ECCB and the Church of Baden. When his term as bishop came to an end, he and his wife visited Prague, accompanied by the Ecumenical Secretary, Susanne Labsch, and her husband. It was at Easter, Bishop Fischer preached in the German-speaking congregation in the church of St Martin in the Wall. On this occasion, he also met with the Synod Council and friends of the Baden Church in the ECCB. Guests and hosts went together on an Easter trip to Karlštejn Castle.

Ulrich Fischer was committed to the mission of the church, and especially to church music. He was also active within the EKD, was a member of the EKD council, chairman of the Organization of United Churches and chairman of the EKD media agency. The ECCB also owes a lot to Bishop Fischer. To all who met him, he will continue to be a beautiful example of a joyful evangelist, who also emphasised the Church's responsibility for society, ecology and justice.

2. 11. 2020, 19:00