Czech delegation in the USA: Encounters in San Antonio

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Another stop on the trip to the US by Synodal Senior Daniel Ženatý is San Antonio. He talked to the lay presbyter of the Presbyterian Church in the United States about refugee aid issues.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) in the San Antonio area (near the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican border) is helping thousands of refugees there and the range of Christian commitment of the local believers is incredible.

The church as a whole, but also very enthusiastic individuals, seek to meet a wide range of people’s needs, as they flee or are homeless. They help them with their meals, they strengthen them in mutual encounters, they offer help with interpreting. They also open churches to the refugees during the week, they organize services for them, including services for refugees from other denominations, such as Orthodox services for Christians from Ethiopia.

Furthermore, they also help them get themselves orientated at the airport during check-in, and while moving around in the city – since, without the possibility of using a car, everything is difficult to organize, and the distances between the individual institutions or their accommodation are often several kilometers … and assistance with filling in forms and documents (often with spontaneous and frequent prayers) is also a great help.

‘All of this came to my notice during the visit of lay President Sallie Watson, and from pastors who accepted the invitation to have lunch and an informal meeting with me and my host, David Evans. On behalf of our church and from me personally, I have expressed my deep respect and gratitude,’ says Daniel Ženatý from Austin, Texas.

20. 6. 2018, 16:45