Humanitarian Convoy to the Ukraine

Due to armed conflict in the eastern part of the Ukraine more than a million people have been forced to flee from their homes. By the beginning of 2015 those who have lost their lives in the war were 4,808 people, over 10 000 people were seriously injured. Inside the country there are nearly 630,000 internally displaced people, around 600,000 people have found refuge in neighboring countries, 455,000 of them in Russia (according to data from the Diakonie Center Katastrophenhilfe). Many of the displaced people lack makeshift dwellings, medicine, food, toiletries, blankets, and mattresses.

Another humanitarian convoy was dispatched from the Czech Republic to Ukraine. Since the beginning of the year it was the third trip from Bohemia to Ukraine. A convoy of five trucks was organized by the humanitarian organization People in Need and the preparation and loading of the convoy was also done with the cooperation of other nonprofit organizations. The ECCB Diakonie Centre for Humanitarian and Development Aid teamed up with several companies and the Councilor for Safety in the capitol Prague, Mr. Libor Hadrava.

The firm Hartmann - Rico from Veverská Bítýškal brought three pallets of medical and hygiene supplies to the Diakonie headquarters in Prague. Similarly, the soap company Botanicus from Lysa nad Labem delivered soap. The company Lorik in Olomouc sent cleaning supplies to Prague. Ms. Fajmonová, an assistant in the Lorik headquarters, wrote: "We are glad that we can help. The important thing is to give help to all who need it. Thanks to you, we can stop for a moment and think about how great a gift it is to have peace in our country. " Another great gift for the people in Ukraine came from the firm Jelinek in Valašské Meziříčí, thirty mattresses and slatts.

The management service of the capitol city of Prague has provided materials that it had stored in its warehouses for crisis situations, such as folding beds, bedding, mats, and cleaning agents. Among the donated items were 2,500 blankets, 1,000 sheets, 400 sleeping bags, 3000 liters of Sava, as well as shovels, brooms, gloves, and flashlights. Beginning on Thursday afternoon and throughout Friday vehicles drove between the warehouses of the City of Prague and the Salvation Army warehouses in Kobylisy, where trucks from Jablonné nad Orlicí were prepared. The suppliers carried about 18 tons of material. "Prague is aware of the plight of the residents in the areas affected by war and how important it is, at this time, to provide concrete manifestations of solidarity. I hope that the convoy with humanitarian aid, to which Prague contributed, arrives in Kiev so this aid can reach the people who really need it as soon as possible, "said Prague Councilor Libor Hadrava.

The ECCB Diakonie has been operating in Ukraine since the summer of 2014 to help children in orphanages and internally displaced persons.

According to press reports from Hana Pfannová from the ECCB Diaconie Centre for Humanitarian and Development Aid.

Bohumil Kejř