P.O. Box 466, Jungmannova 9,
CZ 111 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Tel: (+ 420) 224 999 215(216); Fax: (+ 420) 224 999 219
E-mail: ekumena@e-cirkev.cz
Web page: www.e-cirkev.cz

The ECCB originated in the year 1918 through the unification of the Protestant churches of the Lutheran and Reformed confessions, which were permitted only after the harsh anti-reformation movement (from 1620 until the issuing of the Edict of Toleration in 1781). But, the ECCB has deeper roots in the Czech reformation: in the Utraquist Hussite Church (1431-1620) and in the Unity of Brethren Church (1457-1620). The ECCB has about 100,000 members in 256 congregations which are broken down into 14 seniorates (presbyteries) throughout the Czech Republic. At the head of the church is the 6 member Synodal Council, elected for a six-year term of office and represented by the Synodal Senior and the Synodal Curator.


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