25.05.2016 22:37

Reaction of General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation on attact on Diakonia

  The seat of Diakonia in Belgická Street in Prague became one of the aims of the organized attack by vandals at several locations in Prague on the last weekend in April. Vandals focused on the institutions and companies which are involved in...
01.12.2015 09:21

The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren has a new Governing Body

  It aims to provide Hope and Trust for the Future The New Synodal Council of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB) was installed during a ceremonial worship service on Saturday, the 21 st of November 2015. It aims to...
16.10.2015 18:42

Helping the refugees is helping people in need

  The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB) and its Diaconia have been observing the situation concerning the refugees coming to Europe for a long time. Therefore, at the beginning of July 2015 the members of the Synodal Council passed a...
25.09.2015 09:37

Ceremonial Opening of the Church Kindergarten in Cheb

  Forty children have found their place in a brand new kindergarten The church kindergarten in Cheb was festively opened on Thursday the 17 th of September. It happened with a ribbon cutting with scissors in the hands of the children...
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On 9 May 2014 a group of students from the Theological Faculty in Prague set off to spend the weekend in Erlangen, in order to read passages from Adorno’s “Aesthetic Theory” together with a...   ...more

The Protestant Churches are experiencing a period of "big anniversaries": the publication of the Kralice Bible (1613), the first celebration of Holy Communion in both kinds (1414), the martyrdom...   ...more

04.06.2014 09:38
Jan Hus shall unite us!

This was said by the Roman-Catholic bishop, František Radkovský, in St. Nicholas' Church in Prague's Old Town Square on December 3, 2013. The occasion for these groundbreaking words was the...   ...more

Already, for more than 13 years I have been driving, with Pastor Petr Brodský, through Eastern Europe to visit fellow countrymen. In the beginning he was with me, later I was with him, but we...   ...more

In November last year the world commemorated, for the 75th time, the Kristallnacht, which derives its name from the shards of shattered windows of Jewish businesses and synagogues. From 9 th to...   ...more

22.04.2014 17:29
Guest at the Rhine Synod

It is a valuable tradition that churches visit each other. One of the offered opportunities for this is visiting synod meetings. During these meetings Churches discuss matters that concern them...   ...more

The Ambassador for the Reformation anniversary 2017 of the Council of the Protestant Church in Germany, Prof. Dr. Margot Käßmann, visited Prague from 22nd to 25th March – and, therefore, also...   ...more

In January the Protestant Association of Ministers organized a ministerial training which took place in Prague at the premises of the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University. The...   ...more

The Cuba committee of the ECCB Synodal Council held on 18th March the “Day for Cuba” to support the democratically minded opposition there. This event took place for the fourth time - after...   ...more

The Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague (PTF) has a wide range of contacts with partner institutions in a number of different countries. This was demonstrated again...   ...more

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